Natasha Lumley

BSc, Adv Dip Couns.
MBACP ​Accredited Counsellor
07792 090 627

Experienced, empathic and professional counselling for individuals or couples, in the beautiful East Sussex countryside. Only 15 minutes from Tunbridge Wells, with easy parking in a peaceful setting, or in my Wadhurst clinic, with evening availability.

BAMBI is a beautiful little girl, who was rescued by Many Tears Animal Rescue, from a puppy farm at the age of around 5. She had never known any kindness, and so was absolutely terrified of everyone. She had never been on a lead, or played with any toys, or even eaten from a bowl. It took her a long time, but eventually, she learnt to trust us. She now seeks human company, and loves her cuddles. She has still not mastered toys, but will play with the other dogs. Her gentle, affectionate nature is proof of just how resilient dogs are, and hope that we too can learn to trust in others.
JASPER is an adorable, cheeky little pony who came to us from the Blue Cross. He is 21 years old, and therefore not ridden any more, but is loving his retirement. He is the itchiest pony around and will gadly stand for hours in bliss if someone is kind enough to scratch those hard to reach places! Like Bambi, he has known mistreatment by humans, and he can still be nervous and quick to react, but he has a gorgeous, kind nature and brings great joy to those who are lucky enough to know him.
BADGER also came to us as a rescue from Many Tears Animal Rescue. He was desperately thin, covered in lice and had almost totally lost his sight. He too was very nervous of the world, but quickly learnt to enjoy human company. He is still wary of new people but has regained a lot of his eyesight, and this has helped him to be less scared. He is a perpetual puppy - he didn't get to be a puppy in his first stage of life, and now has decided not to grow up! He is playful, loving and a little bit bonkers!
BUMBLE is the most soulful dog you could hope to meet. He is very happy to sit and hang out with people when they are feeling low. In fact, if someone is crying, he will stay by their side and try to wash away the tears. He is getting old now, and has several health problems, but he is still the heart of the house. He is also "top dog" and much adored by Badger and Bambi. 
JACK is a beautiful, affectionate Irish horse. He is not used as a therapy animal, as he can be a little much to handle and is not the best at standing still! He and Jasper are best friends and will play for hours. At times, it seems like Jack is bullying little Jasper, until you notice Jasper chasing Jack across the field, biting his tail! 
The Girls - Meredith, Lexi, April, Callie, Arizona and Maggie - are ex-battery hens from the British Hen Welfare Trust. They were in a sorry state when they arrived, but have quickly regained their feathers and learnt how to be hens. It is incredible how relaxing it is to sit and watch hens scratching around, listening to their gentle clucks (not so gentle if I forget to feed them first thing in the morning!). When the sun is shining, they love to spread themselves out, with a wing outstretched, to absorb as much warmth as possible. They certainly know how to enjoy life's pleasures!